QR Codes in the Classroom

Are you familiar with QR codes? (Quick Response Code)  Have you been using or thinking about using them in your classroom?  I stumbled across a classroom blog with ideas for using them in your classroom.  The blog is written from an elementary perspective in using QR codes at math stations, but the content can be applied to any number of situations.


Check out the blog, sites to create QR codes and other ideas at http://educationalaspirations.com/2014/01/12/qr-codes-in-math-stations/.


Are you using QR codes?  Want to share your ideas? Have questions?  Share them here!

One thought on “QR Codes in the Classroom

  1. Dr. Nibbelink from CAS says, “Jamie has been having the kids create them – -We have a designated QR scanning zone where kids can take out the cell phones and scan the QR code.” Check it out at http://www.lsurl.me/EZ2M.

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